"REN" Glass Obi-dome (Pink x Black)

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The “Ren” series Obi-dome (ornaments worn over an Obi) have been designed by Kimono Stylist Yoko Akizuki. Using the clear colors of Moretti glass, each of these charming and individual items are hand-crafted, making each of them unique.
Glass artist Megumi Ichimi makes the “REN” series Obi-dome individually by hand.

All of these unique and hand-crafted items are reasonably priced.

Even the hole through which the string is passed is made of soda glass, and therefore the clarity of the glass will be maintained.

This design uses a light pink stripe pattern on a heart shaped Obi-dome.
If you’re looking to add something different to your kimono coordination, “REN” glass Obi-dome are perfect.
※This Obi-dome has small hole for Obi-jime, therefore please use an 8mm or 7mm Obi-jime with it.

"REN" Glass Obi-dome (Pink x Black)


"REN" Glass Obi-dome (Pink x Black)

Fixed Price 6,800Yen(Excluding Tax)

Shop Price 6,800Yen(Excluding Tax)

length 2.2cm width 2cm


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